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Handheld Digital Cable Length Meter

MS-2 handheld digital cable length meter is used to measure length of cable, rubber and plastic pipes of different diameters.

The length meters include both segment and odometer reading, and can be used to measure the material total length and/or view length of individual segments. When the user has exceeded the intended material length endpoint, and wants to remove part of the recently measured length from the measurements, he or she simply has to pull the measured material through the digital length measuring device backwards, and the reversed length will be subtracted from the original results.

The measurement results can be viewed on the product’s digital mechanical display. The results can be reset to zero.

MS-2 includes a type certificate.

Features and Benefits

  • Wire and cable length meter

  • Highly accurate and lightweight

  • Correction for exceeded target measurement endpoints

  • Lever for reset to zero

  • Type certificate # SI 14-01-003 MID

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