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About Us

Englo is a privately held company that was founded in 1991 with most of its original team from Estonian Academy of Sciences. Englo has close to 30 years of experience in design and manufacturing of intelligent electromechanical measuring devices for construction, road construction, mining, military, environmental and other applications.


Since its inception we have built a world-wide loyal customer base and a large innovative product portfolio.  Our products are designed to be flexible, compact and lightweight with focus on ease-of-use, quality and reliability. Full suite of integrated features and field programmability enable our customers to set up measurements and obtain results quickly and accurately, often with just a single operator.


We are very committed to quality and customer satisfaction and often work closely with our clients on their specific needs or custom solutions. We also provide product training and calibration as needed.


Englo is a member of Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 1996.


Englo is registered as R&D and Scientific Institution at the Ministry of Education and Science since 1999.

Englo is a member of Estonian Defense Industry Union since 2009.

Executive team

Karin Punning - CEO and Founder

Toomas Sõmer - CTO and Founder

Englo intelligent electromechanical devices
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