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Blasting Machines and Line Testers

Englo develops, designs and manufactures a wide range of blasting machines and digital line testers for use in mining, military, civil and road construction and other applications. The blasting machines are portable, compact and lightweight, and can easily be operated by a single person. They can include hand generators or can be battery powered.

Many Englo’s blasting machines come with built-in line testers that eliminate the need for a stand-alone ohmmeter, though stand-alone line testers are also available. Both integrated and separate line testers verify the detonator line resistance to identify short circuits, breaks in the blasting line or circuits with excessive resistance prior to the blast. This technology virtually eliminates misfires caused by detonator wiring problems, which is one of the leading causes of blast related injuries. For safety reasons, the line tester current is limited to 1mA.

Most of the products include output pulse tail cutting to limit the impulse to 4ms and quench the remaining capacitor charge. These safety features are necessary to eliminate potential secondary explosions of the flammable dust generated during the blast.

Blasting Machines with Hand Generators

Battery Powered Blasting Machines

Blasting Machine Testers

Digital Line Testers

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