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Dosimeters and Radiation Detectors

Englo develops, designs and manufactures a wide range of digital dosimeters and radiation detectors that can be used to detect alpha (α) and beta (β) particles, gamma (γ) rays and X-rays and radon gas (Rn).

Even though γ rays can be most prevalent in the contaminated environment, α and β particles can be equally, or even more, harmful to the human body, especially when inhaled or taken in with food and water. Therefore, the capability to measure all three types of radiation is important and lifesaving.

Englo's radiation detectors can also detect radon gas (Rn). Rn is gaseous under normal conditions and can easily be inhaled. It is often the single largest contributor to an individual's background radiation dose.

The versatility of the product portfolio makes them suitable for different customer requirements. For instance, Englo’s products were widely used in Japan after the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, but they can also be used by civilians or professionals to determine levels of radioactivity in user’s everyday or work environment.

Handheld Dosimeters

Handheld Radiation Detectors

Stationary Radiation Detectors and Systems

Vehicle mounted radiation measuring systems

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