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Digital Distance Measuring Devices

Englo develops, designs and manufactures various high precision digital distance measuring devices that are perfect for use in civil and road construction, land surveys and many other personal and professional applications. The distance measuring instruments include handheld distance measuring wheels or surveyor’s wheels and bicycle-mounted distance measuring devices.  The products are easy to use and provide quick and accurate results.

The distance meters can be used to measure the total covered distance and view length of individual segments by including both odometer and segment length readings. Rectangular area can be calculated by a simple push of a button. When the user has exceeded the intended target endpoint, and wants to remove part of the recently covered distance from the measurements, he or she simply has to walk the digital distance measuring device backwards, and the reversed distance will be subtracted from the original results.

The measurement results can be viewed on the LCD screen of the product’s electronic unit. The measurement data is stored in the device memory and can later be transferred to a computer via Bluetooth interface.

Digital Distance Measuring Devices

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