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Light Weight Deflectometers

Englo develops, designs and manufactures portable light falling weight deflectometers (LWD) for measuring the ground elastic modulus, maximum deformation, compaction factor, elastic deflection and deformation time. The deflectometers are ideal for testing in regular as well as difficult to access areas, and can be used to measure elastic modulus of unbound or partially bound material, including asphalt, granular aggregation base, base layers, soil, concrete etc.

Englo’s deflectometers are portable, compact and can easily be used by a single operator. The device’s intelligent built-in electronic unit calculates and displays the results immediately after the series of measurements is completed. All measured data is stored and can be downloaded to a computer via USB or Bluetooth connection.

The deflectometers come with a full suite of control and monitoring features. INSPECTOR-4M and INSPECTOR-5 models hava a built in GPS unit to determine and store the exact location of the measurement, which can later be graphically displayed in Google Maps.

Light Weight Deflectometers

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