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Grader Slope Meter

GRADER WATCHMAN-2 is a grader slope meter that is used for control and regulation of the blade slope of different graders.

The device comes with two separate units – slope sensor with signal precision amplifier and slope measuring and control unit – that are connected by a flexible cable. The slope sensor unit is connected to the grader blade and the slope measuring and control unit is attached to the window of the cabin, allowing the operator to view the measurement results and alarms directly from the cabin.

GRADER WATCHMAN allows the operator to keep the blade slope at a desired angle with the aid of sound and light signals. Additionally, the device allows the operator to measure slope of an existing surface by lowering the blade of the grader to the desired surface location and then taking the measurement.

Features and Benefits

  • Wide slope measuring range

  • Alarms and signals to help keep the blade slope at desired angle

  • Measurement with display

  • Measurement results and alarms can be viewed directly from the cabin during operation

  • Can be used during construction or to measure slope of existing surfaces

Technical Specifications




Slope measuring range


+/- 30

Maximum supported angle for digital display


+/- 10



+/- 0.1

Sensitivity to longitudinal slope

0.1% slope to 45°

Impact resistance



Power consumption


< 10



24 DC

Protection per IEC 60529

IP65 control unit, IP68 sensor unit

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