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Traffic Counting Sensor

KLL-2 is a vehicle traffic monitoring sensor and crossing detector that is targeted to be used on 2-way roads to determine traffic loading and volume. The device is easy to install and does not need any external wiring.

KLL-2 traffic counting sensor is a self-contained unit that can be used to count number of vehicles that pass a section of a road real time, and categorize these vehicles to Classes 1, 2 and 3, which includes motorcycles, cars, vans, buses, small and large trucks and cars with trailers. In addition, KLL-2 also measures the vehicle speed and distance between two consecutive vehicles.

The traffic counting sensor includes a built-in memory that stores the measured data. The information can be accessed through the device’s USB port. Software GUI is provided that displays the data and exports it to an Excel file as needed. The USB port is also used to charge the internal battery.

Optional wireless module is available for convenient transfer of data from the traffic sensor to a computer or server.

Features and Benefits

  • Stores data for individual vehicles and vehicle class, vehicle speed and distance between vehicles

  • Data can be viewed through GUI or converted to Excel

  • Data transfer through USB, wireless module available upon demand

  • Long lasting internal battery, charged through USB

  • Comes with 2 sensors

Technical Specifications




Measured and stored information

Vehicle length, vehicle class, vehicle speed and distance between vehicles


Built-in Li-Ion battery

Average charge of internal battery



Operating temperature


-30 to +50

Sensor dimensions


Ø60 x 130

Sensor weight



Protection level


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