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Push-Button Blasting Machine

PONGO is a compact, ultra-lightweight and easy to use blasting machine that fits on the palm of the user. It comes in a plastic cylindrical shell and includes a shaft button and fast electrical connector.

The firing line is connected directly to PONGO’s fast electrical connector. The energy for the blast is generated by firmly pushing the shaft button of the device; an external power supply or batteries are not needed. The device includes a safety splint that prevents the release of the button until the operator is ready to detonate the explosives.

PONGO supports blasting of up to two Class 1 detonators in series, with up to 120 m total line length and 1 mm² cross sectional copper cable. The total blasting line resistance should not exceed 11 Ω.

To test the line resistance, Englo’s OOM-4 digital line tester should be used.

PONGO is a multi-use device and can be used up to 1000 times or more. After each firing the device can be readied again by pulling the shaft button up to the cocked position.

Features and Benefits

  • Low energy blasting machine

  • Push-button immediate firing impulse generation

  • Supports blasting of up to 2 Class 1 detonators in series, with up to 120 m total line length

  • Ultra-lightweight

Technical Specifications




Maximum permitted total line resistance



Output voltage peak value with 4.7 Ω load


No less than 11.5

Total energy of the pulse with 4.7 Ω load


No less than 30

Number of uses


Power supply

Pushing the shaft

Protection level

IP65, in cocked position

Operating temperature


–20 to + 55

Storage temperature


–40 to + 55






Ø 32, L=95, in cocked position

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