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ENGLO measuring devices

Englo designs and manufactures fine mechanical and electronics measuring devices:



Enterprise Estonia (EAS) through the Innovation voucher grant, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, has supported the project of elaboration of the calibration method for the IRIMETER road surface roughness measuring devices during 01.04.2013 - 31.08.2013. The method was worked out in cooperation with the Teede Tehnokeskus Ltd and involved 3 times of IRI comparative measurements and development of IRIMETER calibration methodology based on this. The project was registered under the number EU45469.



Englo is participating in 28th International Baltic Road Conference which will be held 26.-28. august in Vilnius, Lithuania. Englo is present in the exhibition of road and bridge machines and equipment and also E. Väljaots gives a presentation of "Evaluation of low-cost inertial based road pavement smoothness measurement equipment".


Now there is a possibility to measure and mark down longer sporting activity etc. distances using bicycle and precision distance measuring device BR-1.


Englo is participating in 10th International Trade Exhibition "BuildTech' 2012" which will take place on 2. - 5. october in National Complex "Expocentr of Ukraine", 1, Glushkova Avenue, Kyiv, Ukraine.


Another new blasting device is PONGO. This clacker type blasting machine is determined for blasting the 1. group sensitivity detonators. 


We have a new device in our blasting tools line - high-energy blasting device BART-2, which enables to blast high insensitive detonators. 


We are looking for a distributor or wholesale customer for pocket αβγ-radiometer RADON-3.