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Professional Handheld Alpha, Beta, Gamma, X-Ray and Radon Radiation Detector

PAKRI-EM is a digital handheld professional alpha (α), beta (β), gamma (γ), radon (Rn) and X-ray radiation meter that is designed to monitor and measure equivalent dose rate of radiation.  The device is highly sensitive and can detect even small sources of radiation, including Rn in gaseous form that can gather in basements and other closed areas. The large active area sensors of PAKRI-EM helps to also determine the direction of the source of α and β radiation.

PAKRI-EM radiation detector has a very fast radiation detection time and is excellent for accurately monitoring and measuring different sources of radiation in potentially hazardous environments. Visual and audible alarms alert the user immediately if the radiation dose rate exceeds the programmable threshold level. Each detected event is accompanied by a beep sound; a full alarm is sound for higher radiation levels. An LCD display is programmed to display the equivalent dose rate or frequency of radiation pulses in CPM.

PAKRI-EM has a precision mode for longer and more accurate measurement for a given location.

The collected data is stored in the device’s memory to be later viewed graphically.

Features and Benefits

  • Highly accurate with very fast radiation detection time

  • Measures and detects α, β,  γ and X-Ray radiation and Rn

  • Large active area helps determinesource of and radiation

  • LCD displays alarms and ( or pulse frequency (CPM)

  • Audible beeps for radiation detection events with full alarm for >10 μSv/h dose equivalent rate

  • Precision measurement mode

  • USB data transfer; graphical presentation of stored data in PC

Technical Specifications





GM tubes, 2 pieces

Effective diameter of 1 GM tube



Output signal


Dose rate of γ and X-ray radiation


Total α/β/γ, X-ray radiation

Measurement range

0.0   - 99.99 μSv/h

0 – 9999 CPM

Power supply

9V alkaline battery

Operating temperature


-15 to +35



240 x 128 x 80






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