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Door Mounted Gamma and X-Ray Radiation Detector System

RADMONITOR is a stationary door-mounted gamma (γ) and X-ray radiation detector system that is designed to monitor and measure equivalent dose rate of radiation.  The system is ideal in institutions to prevent individuals from bringing radioactive elements in or out of buildings, in hospital radiation therapy units to ensure that patients don’t leave the area until it’s safe to do so, and in other applications.

The RADMONITOR radiation detection system includes multiple panels that are placed on both side of the doorframe and house the radiation detectors. If the detection system is installed on multiple doors, the control unit displays the exact door or entrance. The panels are installed on both sides of the doorway. The central control module is mounted near the security operator for easy viewing of alarms and signals. The detection of γ-radiation is followed either by adjustable threshold sound and light signals on the front panel of the central control module. If the detection system is installed on multiple doors, the control unit displays the exact door or entrance where the radiation event was detected. The alarm stays on until it’s cleared by the operator.

Features and Benefits

  • Door mounted system with separate control unit

  • Highly accurate

  • Measure and detect γ and X-ray radiation

  • Audible beeps for radiation detection events with full alarm for >10 μSv/h dose equivalent rate

  • LED alarm indicator

  • Detects individual door with radiation event

  • Can detect area of radiation (i.e. general radiating location on a person)

Technical Specifications





GM tube, 3pc

Number of detector panels

4 (2 for each entrance)

Panel sensitivity


46 CPS/µSv/h; Co60

Panel supply voltage/power consumption


12 VDC / 0,7 W

Power supply

240 VAC/12 VDC 2A adapter

Total supply power with cellular module


< 15

Detector panel dimensions


40 x 80 x 1500

Detector panel weight



Protection level


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