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Continuous Line Single Point Vehicle Crossing Detector with Output Relay

COBRA-2 vehicle crossing detector can be used in different civil and military applications for vehicle traffic detection and area surveillance. It is buried into the ground, as a line or loop, near or around the area of interest and designed to detect and measure traffic presence, volume and occupancy on the road or at an entrance to an area or building, and allows to take the necessary action. The detector does not react to nearby humans or animals.

COBRA-2 has a relay, FET or current loop output that can be used to trigger a pre-determined action to approaching or departing vehicles, such as set off a light or sound signal, open or close gates or doors, switch traffic and street lights on and off, etc.

If equipped with an additional module, COBRA-2 vehicle detector can send SMS notifications to up to 4 different users, alerting them of the location where a sensor was activated.

Features and Benefits

  • Can be placed in a long line or loop near or around a monitored area

  • Counts crossing vehicles

  • Output relay, FET or current loop to trigger an action upon a crossing vehicle

  • Optional module for SMS for up to 4 people

  • Does not react to nearby humans or animals

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Technical Specifications




Sensor type

6 – 200 m loop

Detected vehicle weight



Detected vehicle minimum speed





NC and NO contacts (SPDT)

2 A, 30 VDC; 0.4 A, 125 VAC

Max. switched voltage 250 VAC, 220 VDC

Max. switched current 3 A and power 50 VA


2 pcs. of Open Drain FETs, independently programmable, 24 VDC, 1.6 A

Current loop

Based on supply current change

Needs current monitoring unit at the cable receiver



3.6 V Li-battery LiSOCl2 type LS14500 (2250 mAh) AA


3 - 24 VDC, 100 mA, separately or from Electronic Access Control System

Continuous operating time

With 3.6 V Li-battery at idle up to 4 years

Operating temperature


-40 to +60

Protection level


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