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Traffic Counting Sensor

The KLL-3B is a portable measuring system for counting vehicles and measuring their speed.

One KLL-3B system comes with two sensors and is used to collect information about vehicles travelling in a lane of traffic. The system is installed in the ground next to the traffic lane of interest. To perform measurements in both travel directions, two sets of KLL-3B can be used.

KLL-3B measures the speed and length of each passing vehicle and stores the results in the internal device memory. The data is downloaded to the computer through a Bluetooth connection. A communication module is available to transmit data real time over a cellular network.

The system comes with PC software, that is used to classify vehicles based on their length and export reports and store the data in an Excel file.

The sensors are waterproof and durable enough to withstand heavy vehicular traffic.

Features and Benefits

  • Stores data for individual vehicles, vehicle speed and distance between vehicles

  • Data can be viewed through GUI or converted to Excel

  • Data transfer through Bluetooth, cellular communication module available upon request

  • Long lasting internal battery

  • Comes with 2 sensors

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Technical Specifications




Measured and stored information

Vehicle length, speed and distance between vehicles

Operational battery life

1 year

Stand-by battery life

5 years

Memory capacity

250,000 vehicles

Operating temperature


–30 to +60

Sensor weight





cylinder Ø70 x 135

Protection level

IP67 (waterproof)

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