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Blasting Machine Testers

The blasting machine tester VIGOR is designed for testing the impulse energy of Englo’s blasting machines. The tester can be used in both indoor and outdoor conditions.

VIGOR can be customized for the specific blasting machine or blasting machine family that is being tested.

VIGOR is easily operated. The user selects the type of blasting machine under test through the tester’s front panel and connects the tester to the output terminal of the blasting machine. Then the user charges the capacitor of the blasting machine and simply pushes the FIRE button.

If the blasting machine’s output impulse energy conforms to the requirements, the green LED indicator on the VIGOR’s front panel lights up for a few seconds. If the output impulse energy is less than 15% of required value, the indicator LED will stay off.


VIGOR doesn`t need any batteries and is ready for immediate operation.

The tester has the solid plastic case with safety class IP67.

Features and Benefits:

  • Can be used with all of Englo’s blasting machines

  • No batteries needed

  • Protection level IP67

  • Wide operating temperature range

Technical Specifications




Test result indication:

Green LED lights up


Green LED doesn`t light up

Output impulse energy is <15% of required value

Power supply

No batteries needed

Protection level


Operating temperature


–20 to +50 at 100% relative humidity






170 x 88 x 33

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