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Englo Road Construction, Mining, Military and Surveillance Products

    Design and manufacture of
    high quality electromechanical devices

Development, design and manufacture of intelligent electromechanical devices for civil and road construction, mining, military, safety and security, environmental and other applications.

Englo combines engineering depth, superior performance and operational focus to deliver breakthrough solutions to help customers execute difficult and challenging tasks efficiently and accurately.


Its industry leading products are flexible, compact and easy to use, with focus on performance, quality and reliability.

Englo’s diverse product portfolio provides a single stop for different project challenges and customer needs.

Customer Testimonials

Helle Salum, Transport Specialist, Järva Municipality Government

I would like to say that the traffic counter KLL-3 works perfectly, it has greatly simplified my work, when road users or citizens claim that: "there is speeding and high traffic frequency", thanks to the measuring tool. Through this, the number of road signs that are installed just on a hunch will be reduced, and we will find out if the existing traffic management is being followed. Life has shown that it is observed on local roads. This is a great device for people dealing with local government roads, and this investment will definitely pay off in every municipality, but feel free to offer to local governments, and I am willing to share my user experience with those who should somehow doubt the profitability and capability of this device.

Vesse Põder, Lieutenant Colonel of Estonian Defense Forces

"The Defence Forces have been using Englo's blasting machines and line testers since the turn of the century. One major procurement occurred in 2015 to supply our troops. Since then we have swapped out the older generation devices with their more modern and powerful ones, and given the original models to lower-priority units.

There are various blasting machines and line testers available in the world. We are very pleased with Englo's products - they have the best value for money and the hardware itself is exactly what we need. I have recommended Englo's blasting machines to colleagues from other countries, and, for example, the Finnish and Latvian Defense Forces have bought equipment from them."

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